Love has kidnapped sex and kept us erotically virgins.

Reproduction intended sexuality is the true nucleus around which couple is built. The philosophy of love is nothing but an ideological system emerged to adapt individuals to this microstructure which, in its various forms, has been necessary for the survival of any society so far.

The set of reproduction facilitator pleasures has always been enrolled in the socioeconomic structure of each society and, as a rule, associated with reproduction itself. Patriarchal capitalism on the one hand, and its byproduct, loving philosophy, on the other, respectively register their mark in the form of their two specific values: property and affection. So we cop a sexuality not only corseted by the amalgamation of meanings that have been stratified on it, but converted, at the same time, in the prison of all these meanings; the only place in which they are granted to fully express.

Agamy proposes to transform sexuality in eroticism by de-signify of non-erotic contents of sex; by converting the sign into signifier without meaning; through its abstraction.