Gender objection

For this, agamy uses the tool "gender objection". “Gender objection” means involving in the progressive elimination of cultural expressions of gender as long they are discovered and mechanisms for such elimination are suggested. "Gender objection" is the self-designation as individual looking for the gradual reduction of her/his (its?) status as gendered individual, confident that the disappearance of the behaviors that produce gender will reduce its social scale effectively.

To turn effective the maximum reduction in the presence of gender, both in the individual psyche and in her/his social environment, "gender objection" denies the gender difference in all its ways. Perfect, ideal gender objection is the complete disappearance of differentiated actions in pursuit of the objective of the dissolution of the category of gender. The dissolution of the gender ideally matches it with other categories, such as race, whose relevance to differentiate people has fallen sharply since their widespread condemnation as a valid excuse for discrimination, and with it, their consistency and relevance as a category itself .

Anyway, we need to remember that it is difficult to find the discriminatory category that has reached a total disappearance, and that the circumstances likely to give rise to discrimination are also to the recovery of the importance of these categories. It is necessary as well to note that gender has the characteristic of being a very particular discrimination that has accompanied human beings throughout its history, and that there is no precedent in history of the elimination of gender category. Eliminate gender, therefore, can only be inspired by the elimination of other categories, but will always have a pioneering spirit that will hardly make its evolution predictable.

Gender objection, which is an eminently social and public event, has its erotic counterpart in eliminating erotic gender orientation. Agamians are not homos, heteros, bis, or as. The concept of antrosexuality could be near the agamian absence of sexual orientation, with the difference that antrosexuality is oriented towards others, while agamy doesn’t address sexuality, but designifies it in order to transform it into eroticism.

Needless to say that overcoming the constraints of gender (and many others, also ideologically opposed to agamy) requires more than a conviction or a decision. Naturally, psychic obstacles, internal, require, such as social, external, of a work to overcome, which fully exempts fully of the stupid premise of following exactly the personal ideal of conduct. Acting according to duty is to do it according to the principles and pursuing the ideals, not as if the ideal had already been achieved. The means (confronting obstacles) are part of the ends (acting as the ideal), and if those are not known we can not know whether, in each specific action, these deserve them.