Genderless relations

Agamy is a relationship model built on the absolute negation of the gender. It is not, therefore, the addition of gender denial to the gamic model (like most of homosexual practices are the inclusion of homosexual orientation in the model of traditional family based on the philosophy of love), but the creation of a model based on the denial of gender.

Agamy recognizes the existence of gender, and the fact that denial means existence recognition. But the possibility of denial, that agamy implements immersed in the pre-existing gender culture, is added to this recognition. It is not about the naive idea proclaiming the destruction of the gender by its sole individual or marginal denial, nor the disappearance of the gender installed on the individual's personality by the awareness of the progress implied in its negation. It is an activism that seeks to produce a social and individual space where the absence of gender can be made visible and developed.